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Aim and scope

Cappadocia Journal of Area Studies (CJAS) is an interdisciplinary platform that publishes original peer-reviewed research on the interconnected relationship between area studies (Middle East, African, Chinese, East Asian, American, South East Asian, European, Central Asian, South and Central American, and Russian Studies) and international relations, sociology, global studies, anthropology, geography, history, law, philosophy, politics, public administration, public policy, religion, and society in the globalized world. As an interdisciplinary platform, the journal is necessarily heterodox ontologically, epistemologically, and methodologically. The journal especially welcomes research utilizing critical theory to scrutinize how area studies, society, and politics interact in structuration processes that reinforce, reify, or radically change extant sociopolitical praxis, ideational structures, institutional forms, and power distributions that alter, for good or ill, social, political and economic experiences in these geographical regions. 

The following types of papers are published by CJAS:

  • Original Research Articles 
  • Book Review
  • Symposium Summary
  • Document Summary
  • Special Issues
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Review Essays
  • Interviews

Our journal covers the following areas:

  • Middle East Studies
  • African Studies
  • Chinese Studies
  • East Asian Studies
  • American Studies 
  • South East Asian Studies 
  • European Studies 
  • Central Asian Studies
  • South and Central American Studies
  • Russian Studies

Languages of publication in CJAS are English and Turkish.

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    Call for papers: Special issue

    CJAS will publish a special issue covering China studies in December 2019.

    To submit your article, please follow the guidelines for authors and use our Manuscript Submission System here.


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Email :cjas@kapadokya.edu.tr

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