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Guidelines for authors

General Rules

Cappadocia Journal of Area Studies (CJAS), which has been published since 2019 is a peer-reviewed academic journal and published semi-annually.

Manuscripts submitted to the CJAS should not have been previously published, nor currently under review of another journal. The total length of any manuscript submitted should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words in terms of the journal’s publication format. This includes the title, abstracts in Turkish and English, key words, footnotes and references. Authors may not submit paper (hard) copies – the Journal requires MS Word documents submitted via our Manuscript Submission System. After manuscripts are accepted for publication, all copyright is transferred to the CJAS. Board of Editors reserves the rights for the final decision about both the content and format of the paper. All articles are accepted, DOIs are assigned.

Please prepare your manuscript using this template.

Authors must provide their affiliation, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address and ORCID number during registration.

There is no submission fee or article processing fee for the submitted articles.

All articles submitted to CJAS are subject to double-blind peer review process.

The manuscripts should be prepared according to the general rules of the journal in order to be sent to the referees. Otherwise the manuscript could be rejected. After the initial review of the editorial board, all manuscripts submitted to the journal are sent to two reviewers. According to the reviews sent by the peers, manuscripts may be accepted for publication, corrections may be requested, manuscripts may be rejected, or may be sent to another reviewer.

If corrections are requested, after having been corrected, the corrected manuscripts must be returned to the editorial board within a month at the latest.

The languages of the journal are Turkish and English. All manuscripts should contain abstracts in Turkish and in English. The abstract should be between 100 and 300 words, and placed before the Introduction section of the manuscript. Similarly, the title of the manuscript and 5 keywords should be written in both Turkish and English languages.

The journal may also give place to “book reviews” (700-1,500 words, about books published in the last two years), “review essays” (1,500-10,000 words, non-refereed) and “reply letters” to previous articles.

It is assumed that a final spellcheck of manuscripts submitted to the journal has been made and that the manuscript submitted via our Manuscript Submission System is in a state ready to be published. After manuscripts have been submitted, they will not be sent back to the author for editorial corrections. Hence, a greater than usual number of spelling mistakes may lead to the manuscript’s being rejected.

Manuscripts should be sent as .doc or .docx files.

All manuscripts are published open access in this journal.

CJAS screens all submitted articles using web-based plagiarism software.


Manuscripts should be submitted as a MS Word document. Line spacing should be set to 1.5 and the font size should be 12 in the body text and 10 in footnotes, abstract, references and tables. All text should be in Times New Roman font only.

Level 1 headings must be bold and 12 pt; level 2 headings must be bold, italic and 12 pt; level 3 and level 4 headings must be normal (not bold) and italic. The text begins in the following line after the level 1, 2, and 3 headings, and in the same line after level 4 headings (after punctuation).

The text must be indented from left and right and set to 10 pt, if quotations from another source exceeds 40 words. In such cases,  quotation marks are not used.

In the text, quotations and emphases must be made with double quotation marks ("). No single quotation marks (') are used unless there is a quotation within a quotation.

British English should be used in the manuscripts. Also, metric system should be preferred for the units. If the units were given in different systems in the original sources, the equivalents in the metric system of the values should be given in parentheses.

Comma is used for decimal marker in the numbers. The number format should be as follows (in the English texts only): 1,234.56 

Abbreviations must be written openly in the first usage in the text.

The symbols such as %, $, & should not be preferred, except in the tables.

The use of footnotes should be minimized. Use of unnecessary footnotes should be refrained. All arguments must be made in the text.

The headings must not be numbered. Only the first letter must be capitalized in the headings (including the article title).

Citations, Footnotes, and References

Citations within the text should be written in accordance with the Chicago citation system and References should also be arranged by using this citation system.

References are made using in-text citations. No footnotes are required.

This link contains information about the use of the Chicago citation system in the MS Word files.

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