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Cappadocia Journal of Area Studies

CJAS December 2020 issue focuses on Turkish-American relations

The relations between Turkey and the United States (US), which have gone through many transformations since the beginning of the Cold War era, have been unstable during recent years. Especially since the mid-80s, the changes in the US foreign policy strategies and priorities within the framework of the objective “containment of China” have significantly been affecting the regional dynamics in global terms. In order to comprehend the current stance of the US foreign policy towards Syria as well as the Gulf countries, it is necessary to consider the increasing weight of regional conflicts and tensions, the role of ethnic, religious, and sectarian struggles and the dynamics triggered by the Syrian civil war.

On the occasion of the upcoming presidential and congressional elections of the US, which will be held on November 3, 2020, December 2020 issue of CJAS will focus on the Turkish-American relations. Submissions on the historical background, current status and future of the relations as well as the strategic, political, and economic dimensions and bilateral, regional, and global reflections of the relations are welcomed. As an interdisciplinary platform, the journal also welcomes original research on the interconnected relationship between area studies (Middle East, African, Chinese, East Asian, American, South East Asian, European, Central Asian, South and Central American, and Russian Studies) and international relations, sociology, global studies, anthropology, geography, history, law, philosophy, politics, public administration, public policy, religion, and society in the globalized world.

Manuscripts will be submitted by following this link.

All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer reviewing process before acceptance for publication. The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2020.

Cappadocia Journal of Area Studies (CJAS) is an interdisciplinary platform for area studies, focusing on politics, economics, sociology, environmental studies, energy policies, water studies in and on the geographically and historically defined regions of the globe. CJAS welcomes critical and analytic approaches and methodologies.

There is no submission fee or article processing fee for the submitted articles.

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