Archiving policy

According to the Law on Compiling Reproduced Intellectual and Artistic Works (Law no. 6279), CJAS is archived in the National Library of Turkey, the Library of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, İstanbul Beyazıt State Library, the Library of İzmir National Library Endowment, İstanbul University Library, and Ankara Adnan Ötüken Public Library.

CJAS is included in the Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources (ROAD). CJAS is also a member of Crossref and assigns permanent identifiers (DOIs) to the papers published. The material published by CJAS is archived in the Academic Repository of the Cappadocia University (KÜNASİS) and given a permanent URL enabled by the Handle system. 

CJAS is preserved by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) Preservation Network (PN).